The Nursery

Baby Room

Baby RoomThis warm and inviting space provides a carpeted area for playing with a range of toys chosen to develop and stimulate your baby. Activites are planned using the Birth to 3 Matters framework .We provide cots in the sleep area for those all-important naps; a dining area where the children come together at meal times; high chairs are used for younger children and table and chairs for the more mobile. The baby room has direct access to their own spacious enclosed play area.

As your child becomes more mobile we provide push alongs and opportunities for more messy play developing their artistic skills with paint and crayons and discovering different textures by introducing them to the delights of gloop, jelly play and other lovely sticky things!

Your child will receive the individual care and attention that all young babies thrive upon.


Tweenie Room

As your baby grows their development needs change, activities continue to be planned using theTweenie Room Birth to 3 matters framework which focuses on developing their awareness of themselves, how they interact with others and  communicate and developing independence. Through heuristic play they will explore their world and learn about everyday objects in a creative way. Learning through play  your child will develop their knowledge and understanding of patterns and shapes, colours, basic construction; they will play with water and sand and lots of lovely craft things. They will  become more independent eaters sitting at the table in groups, learning to interact socially and use basic cutlery.

At all times the focus is on having fun and enjoying their time in Nursery.

Toddler Room

To aid your child’s development activities are planned using the Wales’s Flying Start framework. Playing with other children becomes more important in this age group, to develop their social and behaviour skills they will take part in small group activities, learning to share toys and equipment and socialising together at mealtimes. Children learn best through play; we provide a wide range of toys, craft activities, sand and water play and role play to develop their physical and creative ability. Storytelling, circle time and early mark making helps develop their communication skills. At all times we aim to make their day happy and fun filled.

Pre-School Room

Pre School RoomThe children in this room follow the Foundation Phase curriculum which continues when they start main school. The foundation phase covers 7 key areas of learning: Personal and social development, Wellbeing and cultural diversity, Language, literacy and communication skills, Mathematical development, Welsh language development, Knowledge and understanding of the world, Physical development and Creative development.
The foundation phase is very much play based and is about enhancing the learning experiences which enable children to be creative, imaginative and to have fun whilst learning.



After School and Holiday club

We have a lively and fun filled after school club, after a busy daybark area at school your child can enjoy free play and activities in a safe and secure environment. We collect from local schools including Cornist Park, St Mary’s, Croes Atti and Gwynedd. The holiday club operates during school holidays, attendance can be for full days or morning/afternoons. The children enjoy a full range of planned activities including trips out. Booking a place can be made at short notice.

Health and Safety

The safety of the children is extremely important. The doors and gates are kept locked at all times and entry is only gained by ringing the doorbell and being allowed in by a member of staff. If a person arrives to collect you child without prior arrangement we would only release them from Nursery after contacting you first.

Regular checks are carried out on the premises and equipment to ensure their safety. Regular fire drills are held and we have clear and documented Health and Safety procedures in place.

Meals and drinks

Baby DiningMeals are freshly cooked each day on the premises. The weekly menu is displayed in the entrance area and staff will keep you informed about what your child has eaten at Nursery. We provide breakfast, lunch and tea, children attending all day receive all meals, morning sessions are given breakfast and a 2 course lunch, afternoon sessions are given a healthy snack and a 2 course tea. The after school children are given a 2 course tea when they arrive from school. Drinks are provided throughout the day.

We operate a healthy eating policy and aim to ensure that the children receive a full and varied diet that includes lots of fruit and vegetables. Drinks are limited to milk and water; and of course baby formula. We do not provide fizzy drinks or juice and limit foods that have a high salt or sugar content. If your child has food allergies or requires a special diet this can be catered for.

Meals are a social occasion; the children sit together at meal times. Good manners at the table are encouraged – saying please and thank you and how to use cutlery etc.

Parental involvement

We keep you informed about your child’s day at Nursery through a daily diary which staff will give you when you collect your child. The children’s progress will be recorded and discussed with parents at our Parent’s Evenings. We also provide a monthly newsletter to keep you informed about the Nursery and other items of general interest. Parents are more than welcome to come in and spend time with the children or join us on outings. A full set of the Nursery Policies and Procedures are available and we encourage all parents to read these when their child starts Nursery.

Outdoor play

We have a baby gardenlarge garden incorporating soft grassy areas, trees for shade and a large hard surface perfect for ridingrear garden2 bikes, trikes etc. the older children have their own planting area where we grow sunflowers and vegetables. The children have plenty of access to the garden and we play outdoors every day – especially during fine weather.
The baby room have their own separate outdoor space equipped with age appropriate toys.



General Information

Outside frontThe main language spoken is English, children will be introduced to the welsh language in songs and through Ticw our welsh speaking teddy bear who is used to promote the welsh language through storytelling.
We are registered with the CSSIW who regularly inspect the Nursery to ensure standards are being met.

Please feel free to call at any time to view the Nursery; we operate an open door policy. If you would like to contact us our number is: 01352 761598 or

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